Image of BOMAG’s BW 138AD-5 tandem vibratory roller courtesy of BOMAG

Image of BOMAG’s BW 138AD-5 tandem vibratory roller courtesy of BOMAG

BOMAG’s BW 138AD-5 tandem vibratory roller with the Economizer compaction measurement system saves operators time and money by alerting to soil and asphalt material compaction progress, and hence reducing passes.

The product’s 54.3-inch rolling width is ideal for quick granular soil and asphalt compaction, according to BOMAG, and the roller’s large width helps users perform projects such as parking lot paving, county road repair, and compaction of urban street developments.

“The Economizer is definitely one of the more popular tools,” said Bert Erdmann, product manager, heavy compaction, for BOMAG Americas.

Erdmann elaborated that, as the operator is using the machine on asphalt, “the indicator dial on the Economizer indicates whether he should keep rolling or if he can move to the next spot, so he eventually saves time and money by just following the guide coming from the Economizer.”

Demand Met For Heavier, Wider Machines

The BW 138AD-5 is the latest generation, with the number 138 referring to the operating width in centimeters. Erdmann noted that the release of the 138AD-5 was a response to demand for slightly heavier and wider machines than other rollers in the BOMAG line.

A 35.4-inch drum diameter delivers more drum impact area than with smaller compactors, which reduces rolling resistance, delivers a smoother surface finish, and improves asphalt mat quality, according to the company.

A pressurized water spray system with five-step interval timer increases operating time between refills of the roller’s 81.9-gallon tank. Dual water filtration at the inlet helps prevent spray nozzle plugging, and the quick-attach nozzle design helps to facilitate servicing and simple replacement. Protected to prevent wind deflection, the five spray nozzles provide uniform coverage across the drum’s width to prevent material pick-up.

“Small filters and screens are built right into the nozzles, and they can be easily wiped off if the tanks are filled with dirty water, which can happen,” Erdmann said.

Real-Time Compaction Progress Notification

Other important features of the BOMAG BW 138AD-5 include its Tier 4 Final 45.1-hp water-cooled diesel engine and its rollover protection system (ROPS) canopy that folds down without using tools, facilitating transport.

But BOMAG is calling the most attention to the Economizer compaction measurement system, which delivers real-time progress with no calibration. As the degree of compaction increases, more LED lights on the Economizer light strip illuminate, indicating when optimum compaction is achieved. The system also warns operators of potential over-compaction to prevent aggregate fracturing, and allows for the identification of soft spots in the material.