Photo of a light bulb via Pixabay

Photo of a light bulb via Pixabay

Do you have a unique way of working better or a creative fix to a common problem? We'd like to hear it!

At Government Fleet, we often highlight the big changes, such as a new software or a new facility, that can take months or years of planning and approval. But that isn't the only way to improve a fleet operation. In fact, there are many small, doable changes that can be made within many fleets that can make a big difference.

This year, we're putting all of these ideas front and center on the show floor at the Government Fleet Expo & Conference (GFX). New this year, we're hosting a campfire session in the exhibit hall to share some of the best ideas (big and small) from fleet managers around the country.

All public sector fleet professionals are invited to submit an idea that has improved efficiency in their fleet operation, whether it's in the shop, on the road, or before vehicles are even purchased.

Some examples of efficiency ideas: color coding work orders so they're easier to identify, rewriting a confusing policy, changing shop workflow, improving purchasing methods, or teaming up with a neighboring fleet to share services. See more examples here.

Send your ideas to Our team will select the best ones to be featured on the show floor at GFX and included in a future issue of Government Fleet.

GFX takes place June 4-7 in San Diego, Calif. Learn more about the event here. All fleet professionals are welcome to submit ideas, whether or not they are attending. However, it is a great opportunity to highlight your fleet, network with peers, and discuss your idea in person.