Volvo has debuted its redesigned 2019 V60 station wagon and will offer it as part of its vehicle subscription service known as Care by Volvo.

The V60 is the second vehicle to be included in Care by Volvo, along with the 2019 XC40 compact luxury SUV. Users can acquire one of the vehicles for a set payment that's similar to a lease and also includes insurance, oil changes, wear and tear items such as wiper blades, and roadside assistance.

Volvo hasn't announced pricing for the subscription service win the V60. It has been set at $600 per month for the XC40.

The V60 will arrive in the U.S. in 2019 in two configurations, including the T5 front-wheel-drive model (250 horsepower) and the T6 all-wheel drive model (316 hp). Volvo will also offer two plug-in hybrids with all-wheel drive, including the T6 (340 hp) model and T8 (390 hp) variant.

Volvo will offer a pair of diesel models in Europe.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet