WEST FARGO, ND - Two new models of front-mounted snowblower implements are now available for Bobcat compact tractor models CT120 to CT235, with a third model for the CT225 to CT450 available at a later date.

"Using a snowblower on the front of the tractor is more comfortable for the operator," said Bryan Zent, marketing manager at Bobcat, "especially on large jobs where the operator would have to constantly turn around in his or her seat to do the work with a three-point snowblower."

The snowblowers are ideal for homeowners with acreage, landscapers, or buildings and ground maintenance specialists who need to clear snow from driveways, sidewalks, or parking lots. The discharge chute on the snowblower rotates hydraulically, so the operator can easily redirect snow as needed, according to Bobcat.

To operate a front-mounted snowblower, the tractor must be equipped with a mid-PTO, loader joystick and control valve. The snowblower requires a lift kit and PTO kit to mount to the tractor. The front-end loader, tractor grille guard or front weight kit, if present, need to be removed to use a front-mounted snowblower. However, loader mounts do not have to be removed from the tractor. The snowblower and lift kit are fastened together by two quick-release pins, so the snowblower can be attached to or removed from the tractor in minutes.

The three models of snowblower implements are:

Model FCTSB49 - approved for use on the CT120 to CT235 and features a 49-inch cutting width.

Model FCTSB62 - approved for use on the CT120 to CT235 and features a 62-inch cutting width.

Model FCTSB72 - approved for use on the CT225 to CT450 and features a 72-inch cutting width. The model will be available at a later date.

For the name of the nearest Bobcat dealer, visit www.bobcatdealer.com. For more information, visit www.bobcat.com/utility_machines/tractors.


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet