Recently, I attended yet another information-packed and inspirational annual conference hosted by FASTER Asset Solutions. Joe Healy and the FASTER team never fail to impress me with the rich content they offer, but this year there was a speaker who connected with me. Mr. Steve Uzzell, a photographer-turned-inspirational-speaker and author told the moving story of how he got to where he is today.

Uzzell brilliantly described how being prepared just might give you the competitive advantage should that ‘chance’ arise. In his case, this involved having his photography gear ready and set to go. Often times, he would need to take several pictures of the same setting multiple times from different locations, only to capture that one perfect picture, as the sun peeks through the clouds for 45 seconds.

So how does this translate to us, the people of fleet? Being prepared just might make a difference when you are in that right place at the right time. Is it that chance encounter with the city manager in the elevator that you are presented the opportunity to have that elevator speech? Is it understanding the vision of your of your city council so you can speak to certain political agendas? Or is it simply the ability to see the end product before anyone else and understand a way to get your organization there? Uzzell also pointed out that in his experience, those that were most successful had the ability to vividly “see the solution, start there, and work back to where you are.”

I leave you with a quote not from me, but from Steve Uzzell’s powerful lesson. Keep in mind success is not always a straight line from start to finish:

“Each one of you will become known for the problems you solve. Visualize the solution and follow the path you see to the solution.” — Steve Uzzell

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Facundo Tassara

Facundo Tassara

Fleet Success Ambassador, RTA: The Fleet Success Company.

Facundo Tassara is the fleet success ambassador with RTA: The Fleet Success Company. He previously worked as the fleet manager for the cities of Norfolk, Va., and Ormond Beach, Fla.

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