Vans are an important tool for many fleet operations, from service to delivery to contractors and more. Due to the wide variety of vocations that utilize vans, upfitters have designed a number of options to help drivers do their jobs safely, quickly, and easily.

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DECKED Van Storage System
DECKED in-vehicle storage and organization system is a weatherproof and ergonomic solution for full-size trucks and cargo vans. The 100% American-made DECKED system features two secure, full bed-length drawers with a 200-pound load rating per drawer that glide effortlessly on industrial-grade wheels beneath a 2,000-pound payload-rated deck. Constructed from rugged High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and American steel, owners get ergonomic access to tools and equipment while maintaining full use of their vehicle bed’s footprint.  

Storage is customizable and the system, once assembled, is easily installed and removed with little to no drilling or alteration of the vehicle body. Put critical gear right at the worker’s fingertips. Eliminating the need to step in and out of the vehicle saves time and money as well as reducing work-related injuries. 

Ranger Design Shelving & Storage Bin Options
Ranger Design’s van shelving and storage bin systems are unique in the industry, combining the strength and rigidity of aluminum extrusions with a solid substrate shelf base, for a shelf tray that is strong and quiet.
Shelving and storage bins are available in hundreds of different configurations of height, length, and shelf depth.

Ranger Design’s exclusive shelf construction of extrusions and laminate carries the load time after time. And, extra durability doesn’t necessarily mean extra weight. Ranger Design’s popular #4048-3 shelf weighs only 44 pounds. The shelves are easily adjustable in order to accommodate any kind of cargo and shelf dividers drop into specially engineered slots that eliminate all rattles.

Adrian Steel Drop-Down Ladder Racks
Adrian Steel’s ladder racks are designed specifically around the driver, making them user-friendly.

With Adrian Steel’s Drop Down Ladder Rack, drivers will never lift the entire weight of the ladder onto the rack again. It was designed to load and lower the ladder safely by using two hands, while eliminating straining and overreaching that, after time, can cause injury.

Adrian’s drop-down ladder rack can be adjusted quickly and without tools. The exclusive twist to adjust mechanism allows operators to get the perfect fit for a wide range of ladders in a matter of seconds. This keeps the ladder safely secured and eliminates rattling that can cause driver distractions.

In addition, Adrian Steel includes a guard rail to protect the ladder from hitting the outside of the van or damage vehicle graphic and the low roof racks feature an attached handle to quickly access the rack. Finally, the racks are designed with a wide base to accommodate 10- to 12-foot step ladders.

Adrian Steel Cargo Van Partitions
The Adrian Steel line of composite partitions provides a more comfortable mobile office for cargo van drivers. This new partition reduces cargo noise from entering the cab area as well as driver distractions. This quiet cab also allows for better communication when drivers need to use an approved hands-free devices.

Due to the partition, drivers don’t need to waste time and fuel getting the cab temperate on hot or cold days. Another driver benefit of the Adrian Steel composite partition is the maximum leg room and a very comfortable recline angle. In addition, the optional window is designed with anti-glare, keeping oncoming headlights from bothering the driver.

Maximizing storage is important for cargo van owners. Adrian Steel’s composite partitions provide the ability to hang popular cargo management products such as hooks and features built-in storage areas for such safety items as fire extinguishers. An integrated steel frame is included along with the composite partition.

Ranger Design Max View Cargo Van Partition
Designed to be tighter fitting and rattle free, Max View Composite cargo van partitions can increase cabin comfort by improving climate control and reducing noise. Features include a clear top to make the cab of a small van feel more spacious, 180-degree rear visibility and reduction of blind spots, contoured to allow full seat travel and maximum cargo floor space.

With Models available to fit the Ford Transit low roof, ProMaster City, Mercedes-Benz Metris and Ford Transit Connect, these partitions are built of thermoformed ABS and polycarbonate and engineered to resist maximum impact.

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