GFX Exclusive: Get Answers to Your Fleet Questions with Paul Lauria
GFX Exclusive: Get Answers to Your Fleet Questions with Paul Lauria

Paul Lauria, president of Mercury Associates, will host an "Ask Me Anything" session at Government Fleet Expo (GFX). Lauria 

Mercury Associates is the largest dedicated fleet management consultancy in North America, with employees located in 13 states and Canada. 

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About the Speaker

Paul Lauria is the president of Mercury Associates, the largest dedicated fleet management consultancy in North America. Lauria has 33 years of experience in transportation and fleet management consulting.

Lauria received his Master’s degree in Transportation Planning from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has fleet management best practices training experience in 20 countries in North and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia.

What kind of services does Mercury Associates offer?

  • Fleet Management Best Practices Studies
  • Fleet Management Program Consolidation and Organizational Restructuring Studies
  • Fleet Cost Analysis, Reduction, and Containment Studies
  • Fleet Utilization, Optimization, and Rightsizing Studies
  • Fleet Management Information System Requirements Definition, Acquisition, Implementation, Hosting
  • Outsourcing Feasibility Studies
  • Development of Requirements, Specifications, and RFPs – Vehicles, Services, Information Systems
  • Supplier Selection, Contract Negotiation, and Performance Reviews
  • Determination of Optimal Vehicle Replacement Cycles
  • Evaluation of Lease versus Buy and other Capital Financing Strategies
  • Financial Audits of Fleet Leasing Company and other Supplier Invoices
  • Management Training

What are some common concerns from fleets?

  • Fleet right-sizing
  • Fleet replacement planning
  • Determining optimal vehicle replacement cycles
  • Integrating armored fighting vehicles (AFVs) into the fleet
  • Configuring and using management information systems, including work order management and vehicle telematics solutions.

What are some industry trends fleets should look out for?

  • Brain drain, or the loss of institutional knowledge in fleet asset management due to the retirement of baby boomer professionals and replacement with managers who lack expertise in automotive technology and practical experience in vehicle maintenance and repair.
  • 30 years of underinvestment in human capital
  • A shortage of new talent entering the fleet maintenance profession
  • Job-hopping proclivities and evolving professional priorities of millennial-generation workers.

To learn more about the fleet industry and get answers to your fleet-related questions, visit Lauria’s Ask Me Anything educational session on June 14 at GFX. Visit the GFX website for more information and click here to submit your questions for Lauria.

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