<p>This chart shows a profile of survey respondents and the&nbsp;public entities for which they work. The &ldquo;City&rdquo; category includes&nbsp;villages and towns. &ldquo;Other&rdquo; includes port authorities,&nbsp;transit, and fire districts.</p>

How does your public sector fleet compare to others?  

Data collected from Government Fleet this year suggests a slight increase in average fleet size in comparison to the prior year. In addition, a higher percentage of respondents said their annual budgets had increased, a trend continuing since 2013, when this question was first asked in the annual survey. 

New for this year, the survey lists the title of the person overseeing fleet and the services fleets insource, with about one-third of respondents saying they perform preventive maintenance and repair for other agencies. Additional information collected includes whether a fleet is an internal service fund, whether it has ASE Blue Seal certification, and if it offers tools and uniforms to technicians.

In June and July, Government Fleet magazine solicited responses to an annual survey from its readership, receiving 173 qualified responses. Respondents answered questions about their fleet size, budget, technicians, outsourcing, etc.

The charts can be found in the photo gallery below.