San Bernardino County Sends Monthly E-mail Reminders

Vehicle utilization is closely monitored, according to Roger Weaver, director of San Bernardino County, Calif., Fleet Management Department. "Monthly reports are e-mailed to every department head to draw attention to possible underutilization and to keep them informed of the cost of their vehicles. As a result of these reports, 80 vehicles (roughly $770,000 in per year savings) were recently released due to underutilization associated with the economic downturn our system seems to be very timely and effective," said Weaver.

City of Durham Establishes Communications Team

The fleet department at the City of Durham, N.C., has established a communications team. One elected representative acts as a spokesperson to meet with the director quarterly. "This gives them an opportunity to get my ear without any chain-of-command feathers ruffled," according to Larry Cash, director of fleet management for the City of Durham.

City of Mesa Keeps Fleet in the Loop

The City of Mesa, Ariz., Fleet Services Department has developed an internal Fleet Web page that contains employee information pertaining to upcoming events, etc. A link is also available on the page that allows personal messages to be sent directly to the director.

"Employees are encouraged to talk with any level of management concerning problems encountered within the workplace," according to Pete Scarafiotti, fleet services director for the City of Mesa.