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How to Become a Great Fleet Manager

  1. Be a Role Model: Demonstrate confidence, a positive attitude, employ initiative during trying circumstances, and follow through on commitments.
  2. Practice Fairness: Treat everyone equally, applying all shop rules consistently. Acknowledge good work; provide constructive criticism when needed.
  3. Listen Well: Encourage staff to express ideas and concerns. Adopt an open-door policy and hold staff comments in confidence.
  4. Encourage Self-Growth: Incentivize staff to pursue ASE certification and training opportunities.
  5. Resolve Problems Effectively: Find solutions, not blame. Reprimand in private. Continually re-communicate well-defined and clearly stated department goals.
  6. Cultivate Customer Service: Nurture interdepartmental relationships. Listen to user departments to understand their needs, expectations, and objectives. Resolve customer issues in a timely manner. Establish yourself as a resource for your agency.

Leadership Best Practices
Windell Mitchell, retired fleet manager for King County, Wash., and 2008 GF Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year, promoted the following leadership principles in operating a successful organization:

  • Be inclusive.
  • Keep all lines of communication open.
  • Take action on good leads or advice.
  • Recognize and reward excellence.
  • Maintain consistent standards of fairness and equity.
  • Remain aware of (and respond to) the changing environment.
  • Be willing to take chances.
  • Set high expectations of yourself and others.
  • Stay in the trenches with staff when needed to get the job done.