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Parts Shop Privatization Works for Some
Perhaps one of most important initiatives the County of San Diego accomplished following its successful managed bid competition several years ago was privatizing the auto parts operation, according to John Clements, fleet manager.

“Implementation of the policy resulted in brake jobs going twice as far due to higher-quality parts,” noted Clements. NAPA won the competitive RFP process and operates the county’s system-wide parts operation. The County now writes only one check per month, resulting in greater administrative efficiency.

Juan Vega Jr., at the Town of Cary, N.C., sublets his organization’s parts operations, eliminating personnel and inventory concerns. “Also, the vendor performs exceptionally well with respect to processing all parts requirements on a daily basis,” said Vega.

ASE Certification Improves Repair Quality
The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) mission is to improve the quality of vehicle repair and service through the testing and certification of repair and service professionals.

Instituting an incentive pay plan can help grow fleet ranks of ASE-trained technicians. Certified, trained technicians can provide faster vehicle turnaround time for repairs and one-day service for preventive maintenance and oil changes.

In one Virginia county, eligible employees take one or more of the ASE examinations and the EPA Section 605 air conditioning certification. The county’s incentive program allows successful technicians to earn an additional 15-percent professional incentive pay increase in their annual salary.

“Run fleet maintenance like private business, identify the ‘true cost’ of doing business, and provide workforce incentives”
—John Clements, fleet manager, San Diego County

"Use of bio-based products, such as hot water parts washers, bio-lubricants, and re-refined oil and tires saves resources, the environment, and reduces costs."
—Barb Bonansinga,  division vehicle manager, Illinois fleet central management division

"Standardization of our fire apparatus has lowered our parts and outside service of heavy equipment."
—J. Glenn Gagel, ASF superintendent, Louisville Fire & Rescue, Ky.