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Stay in Control
Palm Beach County, Fla., requires each department pay a monthly fee to the vehicle/equipment replacement policy fund like an internal leasing department. Fleet controls the fund, but customers are involved in the decision making of replacing assets. Monthly billing and preventive maintenance schedules are sent via e-mail and are available on the county's Intranet, displaying vehicle status and all fleet-related information.

Best Practices
Prioritize replacements based on age, miles, emissions test results, and oil sample analysis to determine if it meets the established replacement policy criteria. Automate the replacement analysis process to save time, money, and resources.

"Extend replacement cycles to save costs. State of Utah Fleet Operations has saved $1.9 million in capital costs and will save $1.3 million in monthly lease fees by increasing lifecycles from 90,000 to 105,000 miles."
Scott Bingham, assistant fleet manager, State of Utah Fleet Operations

Remarketing: "Sell by auction instead of trading in to dealers."
Thomas Mundey, fleet operations manager, Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, Dayton, Ohio