In collaboration with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and vehicle engine manufacturers, Miami-based Ryder System, Inc., enhanced its "RydeGreen" product line to help fleets improve fuel economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Responding to increasing market demand for cost-effective, environmentally friendly transportation solutions, the transportation and supply chain management provider launched its RydeGreen Hybrid straight truck line in December 2008, augmenting the RydeGreen tractor and trailer line established in 2007.

Transporting Efficiently

The company’s RydeGreen Hybrid is a medium-duty straight truck, featuring the Navistar MaxxForce DT diesel engine and the Eaton Hybrid Electric System integrated into the International DuraStar Hybrid chassis.

When traveling at low speeds, the hybrid electric motor supplies power to the truck, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and emissions. According to International, the truck has the potential to provide up to 30- to 40-percent improved fuel efficiency in standard in-city pickup and delivery applications. Diesel emissions are dramatically reduced when the vehicle is operating in hybrid mode on battery power.

"The launch of Ryder’s hybrid offering was driven by a number of factors, including customer interest, as well as Ryder’s commitment to stay abreast of key industry trends, provide customers with environmentally sound solutions that drive transportation efficiencies, and support our company-wide green initiatives," said Juliet Johannson, Ryder’s vice president of marketing for fleet management solutions. Several units were requested by lease customers shortly after the hybrid truck line was announced, according to Johannson.  

In addition to the new lease offering, a limited supply of RydeGreen Hybrid straight trucks were made available in January for rent to commercial customers at select U.S. Ryder rental locations.

‘Green’ All-Around

Contributing to its overall green stance, Ryder has also partnered with the EPA’s SmartWay program to promote energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Ryder is currently a SmartWay Carrier Partner for Ryder-owned vehicles and a Logistics Partner for its supply chain operations. To further cut emissions, Ryder committed to a "one-fuel" policy in 2006, converting all fueling locations to low-emissions ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuel. Ryder also provides biodiesel supplies in areas where this fuel is mandated by regulation.

Other Ryder environmental efforts include use of nontoxic materials, energy conservation, a preventive fleet maintenance program, waste reduction and recycling programs, storage tank management, and emergency spill response programs. Additional information about Ryder’s environmental programs and practices can be found at

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet