Small and medium businesses have something to look forward to. Daimler Truck Financial is now offering full-service truck leasing with its new initiative, CompleteLease, which was introduced last March at the National Truck Equipment Association’s (NTEA) Work Truck Show in Indianapolis.

CompleteLease offers the convenience of a single-source transportation package for small business owners on the go. “The initial target group is small business owners with fleets of less than 100 vehicles,” says Tom Kuchan, Daimler Truck Financial senior manager of full-service truck leasing.

Daimler Truck Financial is working closely with Sterling Trucks dealers to support the CompleteLease initiative. This all-in-one package allows hassle-free use of the truck of choice, including a closed-end operating lease, maintenance, repair, and other value added services all for one monthly payment on Sterling Trucks from Class 3 to 8 commercial vehicles.

The payment option gives you maximum control of your total cost of operation and the elimination of the risk of unpredictable repair cost.

“CompleteLease is available to customers who are interested in running one or more Sterling trucks, but don’t want the worry of any maintenance or service on that vehicle,” says Kuchan.

Sterling Trucks dealers understand the value of relationships and encourage customers to focus on their own primary businesses while CompleteLease takes care of the rest with the following benefits.
Routine Prevention

  • Oil and filter changes.
  • Mandatory periodic inspections.
  • Chassis lubrications.

Every Sterling truck with CompleteLease includes full-service maintenance, which is designed to maintain the truck’s condition and manage all of the truck’s service requirements. The vehicle will also follow scheduled maintenance dates and service instructions.

Predictable Maintenance and Replacement
Routine wear-and-tear items.

  • Tires. No additional charge will be added to the monthly payment if the vehicle should experience a need for servicing or replacement parts. The servicing will be performed by factory-trained service professionals. Unpredictable Failure
  • Component failure.
  • 24/7 roadside assistance and towing.
  • If the vehicle should break down, roadside assistance is available 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week. This service solution leaves owners feeling assured.

Right from the beginning, Sterling Trucks dealers will walk fleet business owners though the process of the CompleteLease program and make sure it is the right fit. “They (Sterling Trucks dealers) make sure business owners have the right truck and the right financing plan from the start,” says Kuchan. “Every customer is different and we like to customize to their specific situation,” says Kuchan.

CompleteLease offers the option of taking care of regulatory requirements for the truck, which includes titling, registration, and replacement plates. If chosen, a broad range of regulatory compliance options will help customers meet with state and federal commercial vehicle requirements.

Currently, CompleteLease is being offered by a select group of Sterling Trucks dealers. Considerable efforts in training the dealers in selling and administering the product is key to getting the best solution. “Our target number for the end of 2007 is 75. As of now, we have trained more than 80 Sterling Trucks dealerships. By the end of next year, we’ll be at over 125 dealerships and we’ll continue to keep on growing,” says Kuchan..