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Mohave County, Ariz., automotive technicians and other fleet workers are getting salary bumps thanks to a new “hot jobs” designation, with the board of supervisors approving the raise last week, the Daily Miner reported.

The designation applies to Public Works storekeepers, technicians, shop supervisors, welders, parts coordinators, and equipment fleet managers, according to board meeting documents. “Hot jobs” are defined as high-demand positions in which the county has found difficulty attracting and retaining qualified candidates. Employees in these job classes — 20 employed and one vacant — will jump three job class ranges for an approximate 15.8% pay increase.

In addition, an office specialist and office assistant will also get pay raises.

A vacant senior welder and a vacant office assistant position will be suspended for salary savings.

In a letter to the board of supervisors, Public Works Director Steven Latoski stated that county fleet employees were severely underpaid in comparison to peer Arizona local government agencies, which puts the department’s talent recruitment and retention at risk. The county’s average salary for the automotive mechanic position — $33,363 — is 27% below comparable positions for Arizona cities with a population of more than 10,000, Arizona counties, and the nation. The equipment mechanic salary averages $36,400, or 23% below comparable positions for Arizona counties and the nation, Latoski wrote.

The new salary average for automotive mechanics will rise to $38,367, while the average salary for equipment mechanics will rise to $41,860. Latoski pointed out these averages are still shy of the midpoint salaries of other public fleets.

Fleet employees manage and maintain 400 heavy equipment assets and more than 400 fleet vehicles.