Photo courtesy of Plasan

Photo courtesy of Plasan

As a response to the growing domestic terror and violence seen over recent years, Plasan is launching a new variant of the SandCat Stormer for police and counter-terrorism units. It is fitted with Plasan's new Safe Crowd Attenuating Technology (SCAT) system to control crowds using non-lethal means and prevent civilian casualties. SCAT is a roof-mounted remote system with night and day cameras, light and sound dazzler, and smoke launchers.

The SandCat is designed to serve in various mission profiles requiring a highly maneuverable and protected vehicle, such as urban law enforcement or site security.

Low cost of ownership is achieved by using a commercial Ford F-550 Super Duty chassis. The four-wheel-drive vehicle stays safely within the Ford certified gross vehicle weight.

The armored cabin is made to comfortably accommodate up to 10 passengers.