The Tulsa station is expected to be open by the end of 2017.  Photo courtesy of Sparq

The Tulsa station is expected to be open by the end of 2017. Photo courtesy of Sparq

Sparq Natural Gas, Timmons Oil Company, Dericks Leasing & Financial Company, and J-W Power have officially broken ground on Oklahoma’s 121st public-fill compressed natural gas (CNG) station, Sparq announced.

The station will feature the installation of J-W Power’s PowerFill technology — a patented compressor designed with heavy-duty trucks in mind — to speed up the fueling process.

The station expands the region’s CNG infrastructure and provides better access to the fuel, enabling more businesses and governments in eastern Oklahoma to add CNG vehicles to their fleets.

Sparq Chief Executive Officer Norman Herrera said he expects the CNG-Tulsa station to host the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, Oklahoma Department of Wildlife, and the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, among other government agency fleets. 

1-inch stainless steel tubing
2 – 150-hp J-W PowerFill compressors
12 – 37 feet CP Industries 3-pack natural gas storage
Oklahoma Natural Gas capital improvement to maximize faster natural gas pressure and flow
2 – high-flow, heavy-duty CNG nozzles
2 – light-duty CNG nozzles
Class 8 heavy-duty accessible
All major credit cards/fleet cards accepted
24/7 access
Access to Sparq’s proprietary fuel card program

In line with the Governor’s Oklahoma Energy First Plan, this station provides a critical link in the build out of alternative fuel corridors of natural gas stations across Oklahoma, and is strategically located along the I-44 “CNG Corridor,” linking St. Louis and Dallas.

The Tulsa station — Sparq’s 10th CNG Station across its multi-state network, and its fifth in Oklahoma — will begin construction immediately, with a target to open by the end of 2017.

Sparq Tulsa is developing the site in partnership with Tulsa-based Dericks Leasing & Financial Company and Timmons Oil Company, co-locating CNG operations at Timmons’ headquarters for convenient Class 8 heavy-duty fueling.