VIDEO: Vehicle Breakdown Response

When a vehicle breaks down, the driver needs to take steps to ensure it's visible to other motorists and to mitigate crash risk. The Kentucky State Police offers this advice:

  • Pull completely off the road, to the right if possible.
  • If you cannot get completely off the roadway, try to stop where your vehicle can be seen from a distance. Do not stop just over a hill or just around a curve.
  • Turn on your emergency flashers to warn other drivers.
  • Lift the hood to show others you need assistance.
  • If you cannot pull completely off the road, give other drivers plenty of warning. If you have flares or reflective triangles, put them 200 or 300 feet behind the vehicle if it’s safe to do so. This allows other drivers to change lanes, if necessary.
  • If you do not have emergency flares or triangles, stand off the roadway and wave traffic around your vehicle. Use a white cloth flag or a piece of clothing.
  • Call for assistance for your stalled vehicle, if you can.

To view a AAA video offering advice on what to do after a vehicle breakdown, click on the photo or link below the headline.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet