The hood and grille may be the same, but the HV was redesigned from the inside out. Photo: Evan Lockridge

The hood and grille may be the same, but the HV was redesigned from the inside out. Photo: Evan Lockridge

ATLANTA – International Truck Monday increased its offerings for the vocational market, launching the International HV Series and announcing enhancements to its HX Series, at the inaugural North American Commercial Vehicle Show.

The new HV Series was “designed to deliver a smarter approach to serious work,” said Denny Mooney, senior vice president of global product development. The new HV is the first severe service truck available with the International A26 12.4L big-bore engine.

The truck doesn’t look that different from the outside; Mooney emphasized that it was “redesigned from the inside out.” While the hood and grille remain the same, the HV Series interior was crafted with driver and body company feedback.

Under the hood, “the truck has been redesigned with uptime in mind,” he said, “starting with the powertrain.” The HV will be powered by the new International A26 engine introduced earlier this year, a 12.4L engine, designed to provide industry-leading uptime, greater fuel efficiency, and quieter operation. Built from the proven MAN D26 engine crankcase, the A26 produces up to 475 horsepower and 1,700 lb.-ft. of torque from a design that International says is 600-700 lbs. lighter than a traditional 15L big-bore engine. The HV Series is also available with the Cummins B6.7 and Cummins L9 engines.

The HV also was designed for easy body mounting, and the HV Series features the Diamond Logic electrical system for the automation of tasks and interlocks to help protect equipment and crew.

A new stronger door features a larger window for better visibility. Photo: Navistar Facebook Live video

A new stronger door features a larger window for better visibility. Photo: Navistar Facebook Live video

From the inside out

Mark Stasell, vice president, vocational trucks, did a walkthrough of the new truck. One of the things that did change on the exterior is that the newly redesigned doors are twice as stiff as previously to improve the integrity of the cab. The belt line on the window has been lowered and the vent window post removed, resulting in a single large piece of glass to enhance side visibility. The side mirrors have been moved farther forward so the driver doesn’t have to turn his head as much.

Inside the cab is a new premium gauge cluster, the same as used in the newly updated line-haul products like the LT. A customizable display in the center allows the operator to display what’s important to him, such as axle loading, real time fuel economy, or virtual air gauges.

A new shifter on the stalk makes it easy for the driver to control without taking his hand far from the steering wheel. Combined with a redesigned wing panel dash to the right, this provides a lot more knee room. A new center vent offers more air for the center passenger in a three-person operation — and the new HAVC system is powerful and uses the latest automotive technology. A new defrost feature puts hot fresh air against the windshield. “We can clear a windshield faster than anyone else in cold weather,” Stasell said.

That wing dash also houses up to 30 customizable switches, large enough to use them with a glove, labeled with clear text and symbols. Programmable indicator lights can display up to seven colors. And on the right-hand side of the dash, the power distribution panel is located inside the cab so it’s not exposed to the elements. And if a drink is sitting on top of the flat dash and spills, it’s designed with a gutter to drain the liquid away and out of the cab.

Other features include:
    •    Heavy duty, double-sided galvanized steel cab for long-term durability.
    •    Huck bolt chassis fasteners provide superior clamping force and will not come loose even in extreme environments.
    •    Available with a clean Cab-to-Axle (CA) configuration to minimize costly post-production modifications.
    •    20,000 lb. off-set bowl front drive axle allows for a lower ride height than a traditional center bowl.
    •    Super Single ½" thick fame rail rated up to 3.35M RBM.
    •    Integral 20" and 27" frame extensions (not bolt-on) for superior strength and reliability.
    •    Available stainless-steel oil pan for reduced corrosion in highly corrosive applications.
    •    New industry-standard J1939 electrical system architecture and improved harnessing to maximize uptime.
    •    All new best-in-class HVAC system, designed for reliability, now includes a high-performance MAX defrost feature.

Every HV Series can be equipped as an option with OnCommand Connection, International’s remote diagnostics system and over-the-air programming.

The HV Series is available in a variety of specifications: Regular Cab, Extended Cab, and Crew Cab. The company is taking orders today and market availability is March 2018. 

New HX Series Options

International’s HX series debuted in 2016, Mooney said, saying “this was the proof we were serious about getting back in the vocational market. We expanded coverage into area we really haven't played in in a long time.”

At NACV, International announced that the International HX Series is now available in a 51-inch sleeper cab on both the HX520 and HX620 models. “These focus on heavy haul tractor customers who need the strength the HX delivers but are looking for more room inside the cab,” Mooney said. The sleepers will be available to order in October.

The International A26 engine will be available in the HX Series. “This engine is ideal for vocational applications,” Mooney said. “This is a market that’s very weight sensitive, and this engine is the lightest 13L in the market. Perfect for applications like concrete mixers, it will be available for order in May of 2018.”

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