Photo via Flickr/Jo Naylor

Photo via Flickr/Jo Naylor

A former Idaho county coroner is accused of using his elected position for personal gain and using his county issued vehicle for personal use, the Idaho Statesman reported.

Nathan Hess, who recently resigned as Valley County coroner in an attempt to avoid criminal charges, told the Statesman that he saw other county employees using their vehicles for personal use, and did not know it was illegal.

“Police officers are allowed to use their vehicles for personal use and I have witnessed city and other county vehicles do the same,” he told the Statesman.

Hess is facing two rare misdemeanor counts of using public position for personal gain.

In addition to these charges, the county’s new coroner has also accused Hess of keeping bodies in the trunk of his coroner’s vehicle rather than taking them to the local morgue. At a county commissioners meeting regarding the matter, Hess did not confirm or deny the allegation. However, Idaho state law does not dictate how coroners must store bodies.