Chevin Fleet Solutions, a global provider of web-based enterprise-level fleet and asset management software, has announced that its products and services are now available to government, education, and non-profit agencies through a four-year exclusive contract with the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA).

This long-term contract enables over 50,000 NJPA members throughout the U.S. and Canada to streamline the purchasing and acquisition of FleetWave, Chevin’s fleet and asset management software.

The National Joint Powers Alliance is a public agency — serving as a national municipal contracting agency — with the authority to develop and offer co-operative procurement services, amongst others, to its membership. Eligible membership and participation includes states, cities, counties, all government agencies, both public and non-public educational agencies, colleges, universities, and non-profit organizations.

On confirmation of the contract, Ron Katz, senior vice president, North American Sales at Chevin, said:

“The NJPA contract is not only validation that our products and services are applicable for its member agencies. This is a highly desirable capability because it eliminates the need to work through time consuming and expensive RFP processes. It creates value for qualifying agencies interested in using Chevin’s leading fleet and asset management software and services by resulting in lower administrative costs and shorter lead times that provide for a faster return on their investment.”

Chevin’s cutting-edge software helps to eliminate inefficiencies, streamline processes, improve performance, ensure compliance, mitigate risk, reduce costs, and provide a true competitive advantage.