MAT Holdings, Inc. announced that Bendix Brakes brand brake products are the first in the automotive brake industry to comply with legislation requiring that copper be completely phased out of brake friction formulations by 2025. The Bendix provides like-OE friction formulations that meet upcoming copper-free requirements.

The states of Washington and California both passed legislation in 2010 that requires all brake pads to be manufactured with reduced levels of copper and other heavy metals due to environmental concerns. Bendix now offers completely copper-free brakes in its Premium product line.

“Our industry-leading friction engineers have developed a range of proprietary, copper-free and vehicle-specific friction formulations for our Bendix brand that deliver like-OE brake performance,” said Ron Sherman, engineering manager at GRI Engineering & Development, Inc. “We were the first in the industry to develop these kinds of top-quality copper-free friction formulations, and we are continuing to innovate and bring customers even better brake products at more attractive price points.”

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