<p><em>Photo via Flickr/Frank Deanrdo</em></p>

Voters in Tucson, Ariz., approved a temporary half-cent sales tax to fund road repairs and public safety equipment upgrades, reports the Arizona Daily Star. The temporary tax is expected to bring in more than $250 million for the city. $100 million of the tax revenue will be used for road repairs, and Fire and Police Departments would each receive $75 million for equipment upgrades and capital improvements.  

In March, the Tucson Fire Department said it needed $34 million to replace its aging fleet. About 83% of its fleet vehicles logged more than 100,000 miles or were due for replacement. Some of the trucks were so old replacement parts were no longer being made for them. In December, the Tucson Police Department estimated 63% of its patrol vehicles were beyond their recommended service life and up to 80% are due for replacement.

The proposition passed with 62% of the vote, reports KVOA. The sales tax goes into effect July 1 and will last until 2022.