Photo courtesy of REV Group

Photo courtesy of REV Group

E-One has delivered its first Metro 100 Quint to the Sarasota County Fire Department in Florida, according to E-One's parent company REV Group. The Metro 100 Quint features a 100-foot ladder on a single rear axle, a compact design with a 235-inch wheelbase for easy maneuverability, E-One's advanced aerial control system (AACS) or direct hydraulic controls, 156 feet of ground ladders, and a 300- or 500-gallon water tank that can pump 2,000 gallons per minute.

The new model is built on an integral torque box chassis constructed with formed high-strength steel and crisscross under-slung jacks with an 11-foot spread, a 24K Dana front-beam axle with taper leaf springs, a 35K Dana rear-axle with Link atlas air suspension, and a Cyclone 3/16-inch extruded aluminum cab with roll cage construction as well as an extruded aluminum body with SideStacker hosebed, full-depth compartments, and raised rear-body perimeter for improved departure angle.

Fire departments can choose from a low-travel-height (LTH) 100-foot aluminum ladder, the rear-mount HM 100 ladder, or a 110-foot aerial device, each featuring a 2.5:1 structural safety factor, which is a 25% increase over National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) industry standards.

The Sarasota County Fire Department's Metro 100 Quint includes a Cummins ISX12 500-hp engine with Allison EVS4000 transmission, severe-duty front bumper with two hydraulic reels and tray for hydraulic rescue tools, a split raised roof, a severe-duty interior, a 300-gallon water tank, and three pre-connected handlines over pump. Additional features include storage for eight self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) bottles in wheelwell, an 8-kw Harrison hydraulic generator, Genesis power take-off/hydraulic-driven Mach III hydraulic rescue tool system, an HM100 aerial with waterway to 80 ft. and wireless controls for the monitor, and AACS with ladder tip controls.

The Sarasota County Fire Department is located on the west coast of Florida and operates 29 Fire/EMS stations where they run over 60,000 Fire and EMS calls annually. Since 1985, the Sarasota County Fire Department has purchased over 35 fire trucks from E-One.