Photo courtesy of Agile

Photo courtesy of Agile

Agile Fleet announces the release of version 5.0 of its FleetCommander fleet management solution. This release features many significant improvements to the product’s maintenance capabilities, as well as next-generation user interfaces, a more responsive design, and a fresh new look and feel.

“We’ve been unrivaled with respect to vehicle sharing technology for more than 15 years. Version 5.0 is the next big next step for our company, our existing customers, and the fleet management industry. Version 5.0 enhances our existing vehicle maintenance functions to appeal to a broader section of the fleet industry. Valuable enhancements such as a new technician dashboard, a shop manager dashboard, the ability to track technician time (direct and indirect), reporting on technician productivity, more flexible prioritization and assignment of work orders, and reports are just a sample of the new features. We’re very excited to introduce our new maintenance capabilities beyond our world-class vehicle sharing,” said Ed Smith, Agile Fleet president & CEO.

Agile Fleet’s Vice President of Customer Success Matt Wade agrees. “We’ve paid special attention to making the product intuitive and easy to learn for technicians and fleet managers alike. We listened to industry feedback and introduced technician-friendly dashboards and time-logging features that don’t require repetitive logging in and logging out of every work order just to record time. We think it will greatly improve technician productivity and job satisfaction. Tracking maintenance processes is easy and efficient. I’m very excited about the feedback so far,” said Wade.

FleetCommander Version 5.0 will officially be unveiled at the upcoming National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA) Institute and Expo, April 25-28 in Tampa. Enhancements include:

  • Easy-to-use, next-generation technician dashboard, with robust time tracking tools for recording direct and indirect labor
  • Easy-to-use, next-generation shop manager dashboard, offering total visibility into all work activities in progress, plus workflow and technician time tracking
  • Primary technician assignment capability to maintain accountability
  • Work order prioritization and categorization for better visibility and tracking
  • Ability to schedule tasks in advance
  • New technician time summary and detail reports
  • Responsive design to provide an optimal viewing and interactive experience
  • New look-and-feel, including new banner, colors, widgets, and menus
  • Enhanced APIs and cross-browser compatibility

The release of FleetCommander version 5.0 comes in the wake of other changes at the company, including the introduction of new corporate and product logos.

“This is definitely not just a name refresh and logo update. There are many forward-thinking changes happening within our products and company that the new name and logo reflect,” said Smith.