Photo courtesy of Georgia Department of Transportation

Photo courtesy of Georgia Department of Transportation

Georgia Department of Transportation crews have been at work after a fire broke out late Thursday, causing damage to a highway bridge. The fire started under a highway bridge where the agency stored construction materials, equipment, and supplies. At a press conference, state officials said the investigation is ongoing, but the fire seems to have been started deliberately.

As a result, parts of the I-85 collapsed, with additional sections of the roadway left damaged and vulnerable to collapse. In response, Georgia DOT announced plans to remove and replace approximately 700 feet of roadway, including support columns.

Demolition began Friday, with DOT crews warned to work cautiously to minimize damage to the existing stable roadway and bridge columns on existing structures. When demolition is completed, the agency will announce a clearer timeline, but construction is expected to continue for months.

The agency has received $10M in federal funds from the U.S. Department of Transportation.