The City of Wichita, Kan., is considering spending nearly $1 million on gas-powered golf carts to replace its aging fleet of electric golf carts and increase service levels.

Currently, the division maintains a fleet of 285 golf carts, mostly battery-electric, and brings in more than $1 million of annual revenue from golf cart rentals across five city-owned courses.

According to city documents, the battery-electric carts have the lowest acquisition rate, but require costly battery replacements every four years and can only be used once a day. It is now proposing gas-powered models, which carry higher acquisition costs but also offer lower maintenance costs, shorter refueling times, and a longer useful life.

The proposed replacements are electronic fuel injected (EFI) gas-powered carts, which start more easily than traditional gas-powered carts and do not require a choke (reducing noise and the amount of fuel burned). In total, these replacements would cost about $950,000 for 240 Yamaha EFI golf carts, which would allow the city to replace 204 aging units and increase the amount of carts available.

Wichita City Council votes on the proposal Tuesday.