Photo: Mack Trucks

Photo: Mack Trucks

NASHVILLE -- Mack Trucks has launched Over The Air, to let customers update software wirelessly to minimize scheduling disruptions and increase efficiency and uptime. The company announced the rollout at the American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council annual meeting here.

Two categories of software updates are available through Mack Over The Air: one for powertrain components and the other for vehicle parameters like road speed limits, optimizing performance for customers with trucks that change duty cycles based on economics load type and geographic area.

“Mack Over The Air represents the next step in Mack’s industry-leading approach to uptime,” said David Pardue, vice president of connected vehicles and uptime services for Mack Trucks. “Our customers can now make these updates whenever and wherever it is convenient for them.”

Mack Over The Air uses Mack GuardDog Connects integrated telematics hardware to deliver the software updates to customers. GuardDog Connect comes standard on every Mack model equipped with a Mack engine and provides proactive monitoring and repair planning, enabling real-time diagnosis of issues, scheduling of repairs and confirmation that needed parts are in stock and ready to install.

Mack Over The Air will be available for all Mack models equipped with GuardDog Connect and Mack’s 2017 engines.

Mack Trucks also announced with Telogis that it is offering a free 30-day trial of Mack Fleet Management Services with Telogis Fleet. Telogis Fleet for Mack is a fleet management and telematics solution that can be activated over the air and scaled to different fleet sizes.

Using data from GuardDog Connect, Telogis Fleet provides real-time visibility of truck and driver performance.

“It’s easy to read about the features that Mack Fleet Management Services with Telogis Fleet offers, but it’s a game changer when you can try them first hand,” said Mack's Pardue. “With a 30-day free trial, customers can see exactly how Telogis Fleet can improve their business performance.”

Mack models equipped with Mack MP engines and GuardDog Connect hardware built after 2014 are eligible for the free trial, and up to 10 trucks per customer can be included. All features of Telogis Fleet for Mack are available during the free trial period, including Mack-specific diagnostic data, driver behavior scorecards, a fleet intelligence dashboard, vehicle location and history, and real-time alerts. Customers may sign up for the trial through June 30, 2017. No additional hardware is required, and activation is completed over the air.

“Maximizing uptime while helping to improve driver safety and performance has become a mission-critical component for any successful fleet,” said Amy Hart Phillips, vice president, OEM business at Telogis. “The 30-day trial is the easiest way for any Mack customer with a connected truck to experience the transformative effects Telogis Fleet for Mack can have.”

Originally posted on Trucking Info