Photo courtesy of Volvo.

Photo courtesy of Volvo.

About 60% of Americans remain unaware of battery-electric vehicles and 80% have never driven or ridden in one, according to a new survey from Altman Vilandrie & Co.

More than 2,500 consumers were questioned in the survey, which also found that a clear majority of consumers who have been inside an EV enjoyed it and many more consumers would purchase an EV if lower-priced models were available.

The arrival of lower-priced EVs in 2017 could increase adoption with the arrival of the Chevrolet Bolt and Tesla Model 3, which are expected to cost around $35,000. Chevrolet has begun shipping its vehicle, while the Tesla model should arrive in late 2017.

The release of less expensive models by other automakers would boost EV adoption by nearly 24 times the current market, Altman Vilandrie & Co. reported.

The survey shows that a perceived lack of charging stations (85%), high costs (83%) and uncertainty over duration of charge (74%) were the top reasons for not wanting to purchase an EV.

About 3% of survey respondents said they currently own an EV, while 10% said they plan to buy an EV as their next car. About 60% of consumers who have experienced an EV say they enjoyed the experience, while only 8% reported not enjoying it.

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