Agile Access Control, Inc. (Agile) announced a new, proprietary fleet savings assessment tool that identifies hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential savings for government, university, utility, and other fleets.  The announcement was made by Agile, creator of FleetCommander fleet and motor pool solutions.

“The custom Fleet Savings Assessment Agile gave us was an eye-opening snapshot of how we could achieve significant savings by improving our vehicle sharing program. The level of detail the assessment provided helped us understand exactly where and how we could save money over the next five years,” says Shane Holuby, Fleet Manager of Muscogee (Creek) Nation.

Agile’s Fleet Savings Assessment tool is based on a model developed by right-sizing experts with more than 75 years of experience helping fleets reduce costs. According to Agile President and CEO Ed Smith, “Our Fleet Savings Assessment model gives an in-depth look at the savings that can be anticipated by implementing a shared-vehicle program, optimizing methods already in place, or expanding to department pools,” he said.

Organizations interested in utilizing Agile’s Fleet Savings Assessment tool may begin the process by completing a seven-point questionnaire that collects key data points that is then analyzed by Agile experts. An in-depth report is prepared based on the data provided. There is no cost for the report.

“We don’t think for a moment that we will account for every nuance of a fleet by asking for only seven inputs for our fleet assessment. However, that’s a great starting point. We have experience in most fleet environments. With these inputs and a short follow-on discussion, we’ll have what we need. Each fleet saving assessment report highlights low-hanging fruit with respect to fleet savings. We are always available to continue a dialogue, tweak the model inputs, and help communicate the changes to internal stakeholders that lead to significant savings,” Smith said.