Photo: Telogis

Photo: Telogis

Telogis is adding a number of extensions to its Telogis Mobile Resource Management software platform designed to optimize and automate processes, the company announced at its Latitude business conference.

The company unveiled the Telogis Spotlight mobile app, designed to provide supervisors and fleet managers with a snapshot of what is happening in the field. The app provides updated analytics about the health of each vehicle and its driver’s performance.

Spotlight highlights critical data and areas of concern to allow supervisors and fleet managers to determine where attention may be required. Spotlight automatically curates important analytics information into dashboards and scorecards and it helps interpret the severity of vehicle diagnostic trouble codes.

"Companies with large numbers of drivers, technicians and other professionals in the field are challenged to keep their teams safe while increasing productivity and efficiency – and provide great service for their own customers,” said Jason Koch, co-founder at Telogis. “By having all of the information they need in the palms of their hands customers can monitor, react and pivot resources throughout the day and more easily identify opportunities to optimize areas of their businesses.”

The Telogis Spotlight app will be available in early 2017 as an extension of the Telogis MRM platform. It has been optimized for use on iOS devices but will also be available for Android devices.

Telogis has also made feature enhancements to the Telogis Compliance applications for managing driver hours of service regulations. The improved Telogis Compliance apps for HOS ensures that driver’s HOS logs are up to date while supporting federal and state rules as well as widely used local exemptions. The app is designed for ease of use so drivers can quickly provide the application to law enforcement during inspection.

The Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting capability within Telogis Compliance takes advantage of sensors on drivers’ mobile devices to confirm the path that drivers have taken to move around a vehicle when performing an inspection. This is designed to streamline the driver experience while also making it easy to administrate vehicle inspections.

Telogis Compliance for HOS and DVIR management is currently available as an extension of the Telogis MRM platform.

Telogis has announced the new Dispatch module within the Telogis Dynamic Response Suite that is designed to help improve utilization, dispatch work in the most profitable way, and manage geographically dispersed teams efficiently. Telogis Dispatch can also improve customer satisfaction and responsiveness compared to traditional dispatching methods with Telogis’ route optimization capability and the ability to automate dispatch workflows. Telogis Dispatch will be available early in 2017.

Lastly, the next generation of Telogis ControlRoom is now available, providing a high-level graphical view of all work being completed across the organization. With real-time, actionable information in a heads-up display format, ControlRoom allows executives to take preventative action in real-time to ensure a productive work day.

Customizable widgets keep supervisors in the know and enable them to respond to business needs in a timely manner. Telogis ControlRoom is currently available and works in conjunction with Telogis ETA.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet