Photo via flickr/Karen Neoh

Photo via flickr/Karen Neoh

A former manager for the Snoqualmie Pass Utility District, Wash., faces trial for allegedly misappropriating $20,000 in district assets. Terrance Lenihan, who worked for the public utility district for 31 years, plead not guilty to misappropriation of accounts and theft, reports the Daily Record.

The State of Washington released an audit in July of last year, determining that Lenihan misappropriated district assets valued at about $20,000 and made questionable transactions related to assets totaling over $8,000.

Another 47 purchases, totaling about $4,000, were also brought into question. Some of these purchases, including a Jeep Cherokee, a John Deere tractor, and two iPads, ended up in Lenihan's personal residence. Several other purchases were not supported by an invoice or itemized receipt and difficult to verify. 

Lenihan's trial is scheduled for Dec. 13 in Kittitas County Superior Court.