Photo courtesy of GovPlanet

Photo courtesy of GovPlanet

GovPlanet, an IronPlanet marketplace dedicated to selling used government equipment for federal, state, and municipal entities, released its top five sellers since the marketplace’s launch in November 2014.

The top-selling items by total value are: HMMWVs (“Humvees”), five-ton 6x6 cargo trucks, T/A conventional day cabs, crawler tractors 100hp to 500hp, and LMTV 4x4 cargo trucks.

The top-selling items by type are: Humvees, five-ton 6x6 cargo trucks, S/A utility trailers, T/A conventional day cabs, and T/A flatbed trailers.

GovPlanet has sold nearly 5,000 Humvees for more than $40 million in gross merchandise value, and more than 3,500 cargo trucks. In addition to the Defense Logistics Agency, GovPlanet has sold equipment for the U.S. Marine Corps and Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC), among other municipal sellers.

The marketplace also celebrated the second anniversary of its launch and enters its third year as an expanded solutions platform.