Photo courtesy of Ford

Photo courtesy of Ford

Ford is debuting rear spoiler traffic warning lights to complement the “no-profile” front interior visor light bar on its Police Interceptor Utility. The feature integrates bright LED lighting into the vehicle’s rear spoiler, providing law enforcement with a tool to alert drivers of emergency roadside situations while affording officers full visibility out the rear window.

When deactivated, the lighting is difficult to detect for someone approaching the vehicle from the rear, allowing police departments to go into stealth mode.

Aftermarket products that mount inside or outside the glass extend into the rear window, which can impede visibility; this factory option frees up that space. The option complements Ford’s “no-profile” front interior visor light bar, a covert feature that provides a similar improvement in forward vision.

When activated, the new warning lights flash alternating bright red and blue bars in the rear spoiler; they can also be programmed for red/red, blue/blue, or amber operation, providing drivers with directional signaling information. An auto-dimming capability can be programmed from full intensity down to 20%.

The feature can be ordered now for the 2017 Police Interceptor Utility. The lights come with a limited factory warranty.