Vehicle lift maker Stertil-Koni will continue to sponsor National Lift Week, a event highlighting the best practices in vehicle lifting safety, efficiency, durability and environmental friendliness.

The six-day event is taking place Oct. 3-8 across North America and is aimed at increasing awareness and knowledge of safety within the lift industry. A different topic is featured each day of the week: Mobile Column Monday, Two-Post Tuesday, Wireless Wednesday, Earthy Thursday, Free-Wheel Lifting Friday and Safety Saturday.

Stertil-Koni will host key events across its distributor network including product demos, hands-on briefings and educational updates associated with the entire range of heavy-duty vehicle lifting systems.

As a member company of the Automotive Lift Institute, Stertil-Koni will contribute 50% of the cost of ALI’s “Lifting it Right” and provide a discount on the first 80 copies of the program that are purchased.

Jean DellAmore, president of Stertil-Koni, called the event "a powerful way to raise awareness about safety, best-practices and the importance of ALI lift certification and ALI’s Lift Inspector Certification Program.”

Originally posted on Trucking Info