A former Pulaski County, Ark., fleets record clerk is accused of pocketing $250,000 from fraudulent insurance claims she filed for fleet vehicle damages. Wanda Wyatt, who was arrested June 21, served as the fleets record clerk for the Pulaski County Road and Bridge department for 17 years.

In the alleged scheme, which had been taking place since 2008, she would submit fraudulent claims using different names that included family members and friends. Central Arkansas Risk Management Association (CARMA) would pay the claim, issue the check, and present the check directly to Wyatt, who then allegedly deposited the check into her personal bank account, according to a county government statement.

Wyatt was responsible for the maintenance of vehicle records, processing insurance claims for fleet vehicle repairs, licensing of vehicles and billing for vehicle repairs, and fuel and maintenance. 

The county stated that the incident did not involve Pulaski County funds. These payments were made by CARMA, a private risk pool for Central Arkansas local governments. 

County officials discovered the information on June 15. Wyatt's bank was the first to question the checks coming from CARMA, THV11 reported. Following an investigation, she was arrested. Her arrest report cited 73 counts of felony theft and 80 counts of computer fraud. The county stated that Wyatt confessed to the alleged scheme, and she was terminated.

Her court date is set for Sept. 8.