Photo via  YouTube .

Photo via YouTube.

Santa Rosa waste hauler North Bay Corp. is under fire after a city-funded audit identified a number of problems with the company's services, including old trucks, low recycling numbers, and a failure to properly replace trash cans.

North Bay handles waste management services for most of Sonoma County in northern California and operates two processing facilities in Santa Rosa. In the city of Santa Rosa alone, North Bay collects trash and recycling for about 50,000 homes and businesses, according to the Press Democrat.

North Bay's contract is up for renewal next year, so the city hired a consulting firm to audit the company's operations and determine whether the company met the standards set in their agreement. The audit found that nearly all of the company's trucks are model years 2006 or 2007. However, the contract calls for trucks to rebuilt after five years and not operate beyond 10 to ensure that trucks are safe. In addition, the company failed to meet the set recycling goal of 45% for 2013 and 2014.

With the results of this audit, North Bay will likely face hefty fines. In addition, the city plans to recommend that City Council does not extend the company's contract when it's up for renewal next year.