Two government-owned vehicles were stolen in Montana after they failed to sell at a county auction last month.

Among the items for sale at Gallatin County's silent auction were a white 2001 Ford Expedition and a bright yellow Chevrolet truck. They were valued at less than $2,500 each and failed to attract any bids, according to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. The keys were left in the vehicle and both went missing the next day.

Shortly after the vehicles were reported stolen, a county employee spotted the Expedition on the road, noting that it was crudely spray-painted black. Law enforcement was able to locate the vehicle and match its VIN number.

County auditor Jennifer Blossom accepted blame for the incident, telling the Chronicle that the vehicles were in bad shape. Over the years, the Expedition was used by K9 officers, the county coroner, and the West Yellowstone Compost Facility. The Chevrolet truck couldn't be started without a jump.