Chevin Fleet Solutions has released a new, free guide to managing petrol and diesel costs called "Controlling Your Fuel Costs" that provides information on a range of strategies and tools that can be used to minimize fuel use.

"While fleet managers have no control over petrol and diesel prices, fuel costs actually respond very well to proactive intervention," said Ashley Sowerby, Chevin's managing director. "The ideas in this guide will help to identify which strategies will work on your fleet."

By adopting an effective fuel strategy, fleets can potentially save up to 15% in fuel costs, according to Chevin. With fuel generally accounting for around a third of a fleet's operating costs, this could represent a significant savings.

The new guide is the latest in Chevin's Fleet Essentials series of white papers.

The reception to Chevin's first Fleet Essentials guide, "How to Become a Fleet Data Mastermind" had been very positive and that it had been downloaded by fleets across the world, Sowerby said.

"There is a definite desire among many fleets for useful management guidance," he said. "Our Fleet Essentials guides draw on Chevin expertise covering more than 25 years in the fleet industry to provide concise but valuable advice."

You can view "Controlling Your Fuel Costs" here.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet