The Cincinnati (Ohio) Police Department has added 53 new Ford Police Interceptor utility vehicles, funded through the city’s Capital Acceleration Plan (CAP) that's designed to modernize city infrastructure.

“These new Police Interceptors give our first responders the tools and resources they need to better perform their jobs,” said City Manager Harry Black. “But beyond that, adding these new vehicles saves taxpayers thousands of dollars from ongoing, outdated maintenance and repair expenses.”

Approximately 60% of the city’s fleet is past its lifecycle. The CAP program provides $40 million in additional funding over the next 12 years with 39% available during the first two years. This “front-loading” focuses on the replacement of 74 mission-critical equipment during the first year, according to the city.

Prior to the CAP program, the city spent less than $5 million annually on fleet. Some years it has been less than $4 million, putting city vehicles in a chronic, out-of-lifecycle condition. CAP funds will be used in conjunction with other city capital funds to accelerate vehicle replacement, the city stated.

The CAP program is bringing the city’s fleet into lifecycle and reducing chronic maintenance as well as repair and fuel costs.