Dossier Systems, a provider of fleet maintenance management software and solutions, announced the release of Dossier 6.5 on April 25 at Dossier Summit, the company’s annual User Group Conference. Dossier 6.5 is the latest feature-rich version of Dossier Systems’ flagship software.

Dossier 6.5 adds significant user benefits, while building on technology infrastructure enhancements introduced in versions 6.3 and 6.4. The most visible feature is a new notification system called Active Alerts, which alerts personnel such as drivers, operators, fleet managers, and dispatchers about events and/or status changes. Other major enhancements include expanded Standard Repair Time (SRT) tools and reporting, extensions of the External Work Management workflow and new AP tools, plus additional and improved partner integrations.

When describing Active Alerts, Dossier Systems VP of marketing and technology, Bob Hausler said, “It’s all about time management; learning that action is needed sooner, and dealing with issues in the moment instead of later. Active Alerts informs the right person that something needs to happen, or that a status has changed. Dossier has always been structured around exception management — the Daily Reminder Dashboard doesn’t tell you that you have 500 units that don’t have a PM due, it tells you about the 50 that do. Active Alerts takes that philosophy to the next level, and pushes those notifications out — automatically.” Active Alerts informs anyone about PM events (due and overdue), work requests, and In/Out of Service status changes. The alerts can go to an individual, or group of people for a given unit, or globally. Hausler continued, “Everyone is being asked to do more with less; Active Alerts makes it easier for fleets — instead of making the time to check something, Dossier will electronically ‘tap your shoulder’ and give you the info.”

Dossier 6.5 also has an enhanced suite of Standard Repair and SRT tools. The new SRTs can be used across multiple sites for evaluation against company or OEM standards. All templates fully support VMRS coding standards for parts, labor, and work accomplished. An expanded array of reporting tools not only shows technician performance, but also shops’ compliance with using SRTs for repair jobs.

Recognizing that more companies are using external service providers, either exclusively or in combination with their own shops, Dossier’s External Work Management option now allows creation of an Authorization directly from a Work Pending item. Additional unit info is now associated with Authorizations such as PMs and Work Pending requests. A new FinanceLink export has been added which informs finance departments about completed work by external providers, and helps streamline the AP process.