The City of Danville (Va.) has begun converting a portion of its fleet to run on propane autogas to cut fuel costs by up to 40%, reports WSET.

The city has converted 10 vehicles to run on propane autogas, including eight light-duty service trucks, one SUV, and one mass transit bus. The city will also install an 18,000-gallon fuel station for $30,000.

The city has begun purchasing 200 to 300 gallons of propane autogas per week at $1.10 per gallon. That price is 35 to 40% less than the current cost of gasoline.

The city opted for propane autogas over compressed natural gas because a CNG station would cost more than $1 million to install.

"We looked at running our sedans and light duty trucks on electricity, but it was prohibitive because of the low mileage that each charge provided," Public Works Admin Division Director, Barry Doebert told the outlet. "To use compressed natural gas, we would have had to spend $1 million to install a fueling facility. That was just too cost prohibitive."