Florida International University (FIU) has awarded a fleet management contract to First Vehicle Services for maintenance and service of FIU’s entire fleet of 450 vehicles, the company has announced.

The relationship will include a distinctive twist. This summer, First Vehicle Services will offer full-service oil changes to the students and faculty of FIU, an addition believed to be one of the first of its kind in the country.

“I’m excited that we could bring this unique customer service solution to FIU,” said Dale Domish, senior vice president at First Vehicle Services. “This is a convenience for a university that is a first for our team to offer.”

First Vehicle Services will provide certified mechanics for the oil change services. The hours of operation and location details for the full-service oil changes are being finalized.

FIU, located in Miami, has an enrollment of 55,000 students. It's the fourth-largest traditional university in the U.S.