North Carolina expects to save $2.3 million from its recent order of smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles as part of an effort by Gov. Pat McCrory to reduce waste in government.

The state will bank the savings in its 2016 vehicle order announced March 18 that includes a $1.9-million purchase savings and a $464,000 fuel cost savings over seven years, Gov. McCrory has announced.

"By taking a closer look at the way we operate, we are finding ways to make state government more efficient and reduce waste," Gov. McCrory said. "These aren’t just one-time savings, but these are efficiencies that will be on-going through the life of these vehicles."

The state's Division of Motor Fleet Management estimates that the state will achieve an additional 1.53 mpg per vehicle on the fleet's 7,300 passenger cars.

The division has been making changes to the fleet operation over the past few months, including turning daily rental service for state agencies over to private car rental companies. The McCrory administration is also looking to sell the 43-acre parcel used for fleet operations and move the division elswhere, reports WRAL.