Fleet Counselor Services (FCS), which offers fleet consulting services and fleet analysis software, celebrated its 25-year anniversary on March 1. Jim Wright, president and CEO, founded the company in 1991.

Wright has 18 years of experience managing government fleet operations, including at the cities of Lakewood and Northglenn in Colorado and Larimer County, Colo. He worked for three years as senior development director for a fleet management software system.

It was this experience at Diagonal Beta, now AssetWorks, that prompted Wright to start Fleet Counselor Services. He found that many fleet managers didn’t know how to use the software or data effectively to manage their fleets.

In his 25 years at FCS, Wright has published several papers and conducted more than 150 workshops, including workshops about fleet privatization and utilization management, subjects for which he is considered an industry expert.

In addition to consulting, FCS also provides fleet certifications, including the Certified Fleet Management Operation (CFMO) certification program, CLEANFleet certification, and the Fleet Masters operation certification.