Chevin Fleet Solutions has released its "How to Become a Fleet Data Mastermind" — the first in a series of informative white papers created by the company.

The guide has been developed to provide advice for organizations running fleets of all sizes, to help them understand how to better integrate processes into fleet management software that can help measure and improve performance.

Included in the guide is information and case studies that demonstrate how fleet management software can streamline workload and eliminate redundancies across systems from finance and HR applications to fleet and fuel management systems.

The white paper also contains guidance on how fleet professionals can navigate advances in technology and software systems to find the smartest solution to meet their needs.

The guide has been assembled by Ron Katz, senior vice president of North American sales at Chevin Fleet Solutions and forms the first in a series of informative "Fleet Essentials" guides created by the company.

"With so much data, information systems and technologies available today, fleet professionals face a staggering challenge in deciding what information can be used to help them improve efficiency and how it is best managed," Katz said. "Fleet managers continue to spend increasing amounts of their time trying to understand and make effective use of all the information at their disposal."

Chevin has over 25 years of fleet management software expertise and Katz has worked with some of the worlds' largest fleet operations from across the globe helping them to achieve improved efficiency, reduce administrative burden and control costs.

The guide was written partly in response to an increasing interest in using fleet management systems for wider applications, according to Ashley Sowerby, Chevin's managing director.

"What we've seen is that this kind of software is increasingly being used to control much wider data — not just about cars, vans, trucks and material handling equipment but all kinds of assets as well," Sowerby said. "With such a huge amount of data to be sorted through, it's important that fleets are able to understand what's most important and how this information can be best used — and that's where 'How to Become a Fleet Data Mastermind' comes in."

Copies of the guide can be downloaded here.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet