Photo courtesy of Pierce.

Photo courtesy of Pierce.

The Central County Fire & Rescue Fire Protection District (CCFR) in Saint Peters, Mo., is adding six Pierce Dash CF custom fire and emergency vehicles to replace its fleet of Pierce units that have served the department since 2002. The five pumpers and one aerial platform cost $4.98 million and will be delivered in late 2016, according to Pierce.

“We really like the Dash CF’s open cab configuration," said Brian Ochs, assistant fire chief. "You have an open area for the engineer, the captain, and far more room for firefighters."

The Pierce Dash CF apparatus features a tilting cab-forward design that repositions the engine rearward and down low between the frame rails, with an open interior configuration that helps firefighters better prepare when arriving on scene, according to Pierce. The vehicle increases interior cab space and improves visibility and serviceability.

The five identical pumpers feature a Detroit Diesel DD13 470-hp engine, TAK-4 independent front suspension, side roll and frontal impact protection systems, and the all-new Command Zone multiplex system. The vehicles also include a 1500 GPM Pierce PUC pump, a 600-gallon water tank, a Husky 12 dual agent foam system, and low mounted crosslays.

"The Dash CF is a compact truck with a shorter, more maneuverable wheelbase, and yet can carry as much or even more equipment than our previous apparatus," said Chief Ochs. "Plus, the ergonomics are excellent, with everything lower to the ground so firefighters don’t have to climb up onto a truck to reach equipment or hose."

The Dash CF 100-foot aerial platform is equipped with a DD13 525-hp engine, TAK-4 independent front suspension, and side roll and frontal impact protection systems. It features a PUC pump, a 400-gallon water tank, a Husky 12 dual agent foam system, and carries a full complement of ground ladders.