Collective Data, Inc., a provider of fleet and asset management software systems, has introduced a new brand logo. Founded in 1997 as Champion Software, the company changed its name to Collective Data in 2001, and this is the first transformation of the branding since that time. The new logo represents the company’s continued focus of providing modern software systems with the flexibility to adapt to unique customer needs. 

“Our product has evolved considerably since it was originally released,” said Jason Wonase, president and CEO of Collective Data. “We invested heavily into developing a state-of-the-art and modern product, and we felt that it was time to update our brand to reflect that.”

Collective Data’s mission will continue to be focused on providing software solutions that help improve productivity through flexibility, scalability, ease of use, and customer-focused services.

“The heart of our product is fleet management, but because of the technology our software is built on we can adapt our software to accommodate so many other needs,” commented Wonase. “The reinvention of our logo represents our continued commitment to providing flexible solutions that help improve productivity, whether it’s specific to the fleet, assets, or operations management.”

Collective Data’s new logo is now live on their website and other communication mediums. A newly designed tradeshow display with the new branding will be revealed at booth 412 at the next NAFA Institute & Expo on April 18th in Austin, Texas. Customers will also see the new logo throughout the software in the next maintenance update.