Photo: Lytx

Photo: Lytx

Lytx says its new driver safety solution ActiveVision is designed to help detect, analyze and address distracted and drowsy driving.

ActiveVision uses advanced analytics to identify behavioral patterns such as lane departure or following too close that often indicate distracted or drowsy driving. Combined with video monitoring, the service can help pinpoint the possible root causes.

When combined with the Lytx DriveCam Safety program, ActiveVision can help drivers improve performance and mitigate safety risks. The service also includes driver-facing features such as in-cab alerts and prompts, as well as post-drive coaching focused on improving a driver’s skills.

“With the launch of the ActiveVision service, Lytx is priming to deliver comprehensiveness in the video safety market,” said Sathyanarayana K, research manager for automotive and transportation for Frost & Sullivan. “With real-time driver alerts and feedback, the Lytx ActiveVision service can reduce the risk of potential collision through a collective understanding of drivers’ in-cab behavioral patterns and on-road driving style.”

ActiveVision has a physical component housed within the ER-SV2 Event Recorder. The ER-SV2 collects video feeds from the outside and inside of the cab. It also collects data from components such as the engine control module and third-party ADAS systems to provide a broader prospective on what is happening in the vehicle and how performance can be improved.

The event recorder also includes an LED and audible user interface, Bluetooth and Ethernet connectivity, an accelerometer, gyro sensors, and alerts for lane departure warnings and headway warnings. The Lytx ActiveVision service is also designed to be adaptable and allows for expansion as sensor technologies advance and understanding of road safety evolves.

One feature of ActiveVision, called AutoTune, is designed to minimize false alerts. AutoTune contains pattern recognition algorithms, computer vision and machine learning technologies to create a more comprehensive view of what’s happening and how potentially dangerous situations can be mitigated.

Lytx’s 24-7 review operations also provide human oversight of captured events. This provides continuous feedback loop on incoming data to fine-tune algorithms powering the in-cab alerts. This allows the service to improve and be updated and become more precise as the system is used.

The service is available for select Lytx DriveCam clients immediately and will be available industry-wide in January 2016.

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Originally posted on Automotive Fleet