<p><em>Photo courtesy of City of Columbus.</em></p>

The City of Columbus has been designated as an Ohio Green Fleet by Clean Fuels Ohio’s statewide Ohio Green Fleets program. The Ohio Green Fleets program recognizes fleet efficiency and environmental performance. Designated Ohio Green fleets provide a community service by improving air quality and reducing Ohio’s dependence on imported petroleum.

The Division of Fleet Management earned designation as a one-star Ohio Green Fleet, a new designation. The Public Utilities Department, Sewers and Drains was updated to a three-star designation, and Transportation and Refuse, both in the Public Service Department, were updated to five-star designations.

Fleets are evaluated based on policies they have implemented to reduce vehicle emissions and reliance on petroleum fuels. The city has used propane autogas mowers, compressed natural gas (CNG) refuse trucks, and anti-idling technology on patrol vehicles.

Ohio Green Fleets is a comprehensive program designed by Clean Fuels Ohio to improve the environmental performance and efficiency of public and private fleets. Clean Fuels Ohio has been running the Ohio Green Fleets program since 2008.